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Cool Jade Fabric

Using Taiwanese Jade to polymerize with the fiber to have a better cool feeling lower temperature..
The cooling effect experiment report

The cool jade particles have the multi-open-cell material that could contain more percentage of water and the cool effect of jade. This material will provide an extreme cool effect to any fiber. The following are the test results:
?cooling effect of water in 10 wt %
Normal PET fiber(75D/48F) Cool Jade PET Fiber(75D/48F) Testing Condition
Beginning Temperature 28? 28? Water Rate 2 wt %
Water Fog Control
Ending Temperature 27.07? 24.92?
Temperature Difference 0.93? 3.08?

?cooling effect of water in 4 wt %
Normal PET fiber(75D/48F) Cool Jade PET Fiber(75D/48F) Testing Condition
Beginning Temperature 28? 28? Water Rate 4 wt %
Water Fog Control
Ending Temperature 26.03? 24.62?
Temperature Difference 1.97? 3.38?

The test is conducted with a physical human being by jogging on a jogging machine with the speed of 4 km/hr. The environment temperature is set at 281?, with humidity of 602%R.H. The tested object is a male with years of age of 27. We use micro-climate physical temperature and humidity meter to monitor the chest center of the object.

The test is divided into three phases. The first phase is adjusting period, lasting for 10 minutes in sitting position. The second phase is the testing period lasting for 20 minutes in jogging condition. And the last phase is the recovering period lasting 20 minutes also in sitting position. This kind of test is the most realistic test.
Test Items Test Results
Normal PET fiber Cool Jade PET fiber
Micro Temperature
Adjusting Period 31.6 31.0
Testing Period 30.9 30.4
Recovering Period 30.8 30.2
Micro Humidity
(% R.H.)
Adjusting Period 56 46
Testing Period 72 64
Recovering Period 59 38

Cool Jade PET fiber has proved that is sure can provide the comfort of coolness after this realistic physical test.

The Germanium Health Fiber

Miracle element germanium (Ge) is a non-toxic and organic semiconductor elements, the temperature reached 32 ? will release on human favorable factor. Germanium due to temperature(thermal), light, the strength of electromagnetic waves, such as freedom of negative ions and makes frequent changes and release, and we can also accustomed to the physical changes in it. Germanium fiber is a very good antioxidant elements can be powerful and strengthen the human immune system, and in human cells in vivo release of oxygen molecules exclude bad toxins, the blood flow and improve the oxygen capacity of cells, cell activation, aging organs and tissues younger and restore bodily functions, removing modern multiple lesions. Germanium is to promote blood circulation and metabolic effects, suitable for frequent fatigue, excessive pressure, or recurrent hands, neck, legs, waist tired of people uncomfortable. Everyday wear, and good natural gas to color. Ishigaki Japan-a medical doctor pointed out: 'disease is an electrical imbalance in the body of the ion balance around the body healthy, and the increase in positive ions is the key cause disease. Only adjust the body's electrical balance to the best health care for all.



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