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Bamboo Charcoal Fibers and The functions of New Healthtech Nano-Bamboo Charcoal Fabric


Nano-Class Bamboo Charcoal was through a high temperature processing over 1200 degree celsius the number of tiny holes that existed in bamboo charcoal are 6 times more than normal charcoal. The holes of the processed bamboo-charcoal can be clearly seen under the electronic microscope with a 750 magnification.  According to the inhale test with a fixed temperature condition, each gram of bamboo charcoal contains a surface equal to approximately 250 to 300 square meters about a size of a basketball field. An innovated bamboo charcoal fiber has mainly outstanding benefits:
*Far Infrared Ray Emitting - Thermal regulation - Blood circulation enhancement - Metabolism Improvement
*Minus Ions Releasing -To soothe nerves–To renew vigor and Cell activation
*Deodorization & Moisture Regulation

Natural Bamboo Fibers

Our pure bamboo fiber was100% made from bamboo and is biodegradable textile material. It can be 100% biodegraded in soil by microorganism and sunshine. The decomposition process doesn’t cause any pollution environment.  Bamboo owns a unique anti-bacteria agent named “Bamboo Kun”. This substance has particular and natural functions of anti-bacteria and deodorization. Even after fifty times of washing, bamboo fiber still possesses excellent function of anti-bacteria and allergy. The cross-section of the bamboo fiber is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes, it has much better moisture absorption and ventilation. Fabric is always under breathable and comfortable.


The main benefits of applying 3M SCOTCHGARD Protection to the fabric are most stains come out in the wash, protection lasts after laundering, fabric remains soft and breathable, helps colors stay brighter, stays looking good longer and wicks moisture for enhanced comfort.

Nano Silver

As known it was a natural antiseptic material or medical supply since the ancient time.  Ancient Greece history showed using silver container to keep fluids fresh and during the ancient west era, a traveler also uses silver to secure their drinking water they also mixed silver coin with copper coin within the storage container to delay the rate of rotting. Some findings even showed the behavior of placing silver coins in milk to extend the storage time. As early as 1938, many treatments were conducted using "silver", it was then called "high-tech", as well as the high pricing. However, the amount of silver should not exceed a certain level for it may cause harmful effects.
Today, we are utilizing LG company's nano technology, the material combines Nano-Silver and Silica catalysts. Nano-Silver has the similar effect of Nano-Class catalyst as used in refrigerator. When germs of many kinds approached Nano-Silver, it has the characteristic of easy combining and entering the cell. After the penetration, it will rapidly combine with a hydrogen based molecule to stop germs from repopulation. The methods Nano-Silver ion can kill germs and prohibit bacteria which are different from traditional antibiotic medical supplies. It will not kill normal molecules, and will left those good cells intact after leaving a human body. Therefore, Nano-Silver is naturally safe to all living bodies.

Cool Plus

It is a type of functional wicking fiber which can transport water and keep the skin comfortable. It applies the capillary action resulted from the micro-slits on the fiber surface to rapidly absorb the sweat from skin surface, diffuse it to a larger area through several actions, such as wicking, diffusing, transporting, etc., to make the fabric dry faster. At the same time, the air permeability of the fiber is applied to release the hot air out of the body in keeping the skin fresh and cool. It is the highest diffusion ability, drying effect and efficiency air permeability than cotton and other fibers.

Anti-bacteria SEK

An additive in fabric keeps off bacillus, allergy and dust-mite preventative, material supplied by Dai-Wa Chemicals Japan.
Antimicrobial works in the following ways :
• Controlling algae, bacteria, fungi, mould, mildew and yeast.
• Preventing fabric rot and staining.
• Preventing unpleasant odours.
• Preventing health concerns ranging from simple discomfort to physical irritation, allergic sensitization, toxic responses, infection and diseases raised due to the presence of microbes.

Anti-bacteria Aegis

The Microbe Shield process uses the revolutionary Aegis polymer technology has the advantages of permanently bonded anti-microbial barrier within the materials, providing protection against bacteria and fungus and related odors.

Far Infrared Fabric

It is a high-performance polyester fiber with the function of accumulating heat and keeping warmth, the fiber with nano powders inside can absorb the energy of light then release far infrared ray improving blood circulation to keep the body warm and healthy.

DuPont Teflon Protector

Maximum water and stain repellency to keep fabric drier and clean and maintaining breathability and is durable for washing.


An all-natural fiber from lyocell 100% organic soft and comfortable fabric, nano-fiber structure moves moisture away from the body and keeping you feel cool when the temperature is hot and warm when it is cold.





Wicking Fabric
Fabrics are made with the breathable fiber technology material, which tiny pores on the surface provide maximum ventilation and easily release heat trapped to the skin. This enhanced thermal dissipation has the added benefit of reducing chills in cold weather. The overall effect provides users with cooler, drier feeling fabrics in summer and warmer backing in winter.






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